Well, watching Torchwood: Children of Earth as caused my Torchwood/YGO story now has a name, and Jack isn't going to Japan after all. This fragment follows this one.

Ianto carefully opened the door to Jack's office. He found Jack sitting at his desk staring at the opposite wall. Since he was not sure how well the tickets he had picked up were going to go over, Ianto stepped into the room and closed the door, then waited for Jack to acknowledge him.

It was a few seconds before Jack took a deep breath and turned to face Ianto. Ianto could almost see the emotional wall Jack was now hiding behind and braced himself as he removed an envelope from the file he was holding and placed it on the desk.

Jack frowned, his eyes narrowing as he pulled out the tickets in the envelope. “These don't look like airline tickets, Ianto.”

“They're not.” There was a sense of suppressed violence in the look Jack gave him and he hastily added, “Those are tickets to the invitation only benefit event at Millennium Stadium on Friday to help raise money for those parts of Cardiff that got taken out by the bombs that--” Jack's expression darkened and Ianto cleared his throat nervously and held out a piece of paper.

“The new headlining act was just announced 15 minutes ago.” As Jack took the paper, Ianto said, “It's being hosted by Industrial Illusions and has several of the world's top duelists competing against one another, including the main attraction, a duel between former world champion Atemu Mutou versus Seto Kaiba of Kaiba Corp, and the current world champion Yugi Mutou playing against one Ryou Bakura.”

Jack's hand clenched, the paper crinkling under the pressure. “Why?”

“I don't know.” He pulled out another piece of paper. “Supposedly it's part of a tour to promote two new Decks Industrial Illusions is releasing on that day, and the new version of the Duel Deck Kaiba Corp just release earlier this year in the UK.”

“Two Decks?”

“Yes. One Deck inspired by the Mabinogion, and one Egyptian related expansion deck.”

Jack leaned forward, resting an elbow on the desk as he rubbed his chin with his free hand. “Seems like too much of a coincidence.”


There was a moment of silence, then Jack shook his head and set the paper aside. “Thanks Ianto,” Jack said without looking up. “That'll be all.”

Ianto hesitated. Jack glanced up with a weary look. “Not now. Just...” He pulled a file out of the pile sitting on a corner of his desk and flipped it open. “Not now, Ianto.”

Biting his lower lip, Ianto nodded and headed for the door. As he opened it, Jack said softly, “Thanks Ianto.”

He glanced back at Jack. Jack had placed the printout with the duelist names on top of the file he had opened and was gently brushing out the creases his grip had left. Ianto shook his head and closed the door behind him as he headed back to his desk.
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