Just putting this here so I can find it later.

Rhodey sighed as Tony pulled at the collar of his dress uniform and muttered "How can you wear these monkeysuits?"

"It's not a monkey suit Tony," Rhodey said absently as he stared out at the audience. "And you look good in it."

The sudden silence and lack of movement told Rhodey that probably wasn't the best thing to say right then and there. He looked at Tony. Tony stared back thoughtfully.

"You think I look good in this?" he asked.

Rhdoey rolled his eyes. "Yes, Tony, I think you look good in it."

The thoughtful look turned inward, a corner of Tony's lip curling up in a smile. Before he could warn Tony that now was not the time to think about that, the master of ceremony called Tony's name and Rhodey had to discretely shove Tony towards the podium.

As Rhodey watched Tony walk across the floor of the UN, Fury stepped to his side and asked, "What did you say to get him to stop fidgeting?"

Rhodey shrugged his shoulders. "I told him he looked good in a uniform."

Fury shook his head. "Yeah, not gonna try that technique anytime soon."

Rhodey raised an eyebrow as he suppressed a smile. "I don't know. If you tell him that, it'll definitely stop him from fidgeting."

Fury gave him an annoyed look. "Don't think he needs any more encouragement."


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