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( Nov. 27th, 2008 12:42 pm)
Watching Iron Man while I kill time before going out for Thanksgiving dinner, and thought I'd write a few notes to myself for "Found...But Still Searching" (since it looks like I'll be novelizing quite a few scenes from the movie.)

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I was doing some research for my crossover story "Downtime". I decided that Jack needed to run into Stark before the "year that never was" arc in my ficverse (otherwise I was going to get a headache keeping track of things later) so I've got Jack flying into Edwards Air Force Base in a Panavia Tornado after seeing one on a History Channel program a few nights ago. When I looked up the GR4 version on Wikipedia-- which the RAF uses-- I found under the list of recent updates the following--

The BAE Systems Tornado Advanced Radar Display Information System (TARDIS) is an Active-matrix liquid crystal display.[8] [9] TARDIS is currently being fitted to aircraft of the Fast Jet and Weapons Operational Evaluation Unit (No. 41 Squadron RAF), before being fitted to all GR4

lol- I was amused.


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