The Remembrance Day programing on CBC got me again. Gave in and Captain American is now in the A Touch of Smith and Jones ficverse. Hasn't been check and it's not done (need to get back to the NaNo story) but since I'm posting everything I write this month, I'm posting this here! :)

Warning- vague mention of m-preg
Captain America/Nick Fury/Dr. Who/Torchwood/Iron Man/Yu-Gi-Oh/House MD crossover fragment )
Disclaimer: None of them are mine-- I'm just borrowing them for my own entertainment and no profit is being made off this fanfic.
atouchofsmithandjones: (Tony Stark)
( Jun. 30th, 2008 11:51 pm)
First sketch I've done in months. Done on the oekaki program over at y!gallery "Paradox". House has suffered a loss, and Tony's trying to comfort him.
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