Well, since my "Found...But Still Searching" plotbunny has all the others cowering in a corner right now, I guess I'll be working on that for my MayNoWriMo. So last night I thought I'd have some fun with it and took a look at some of those character questionnaires out there. This is how it's gone so far. (I figured Tony would avoid answering truthfully so I dragged Rhodey along for this.)

Interviewing Tony and Rhodey )

I'll see if they have anything else to tell me when I get home from work.
Title: First Day
Series: Doctor Who
Rating: Teen
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack Harkness (friendship fic)
Summary: Rose has a few questions for the Doctor regarding Jack.
Author's Note- Sequel to "First Day". Dialog only.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is the property of the BBC. No profit is being made with this story.

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