Basically Jack and Ianto moving on from Malibu to Martha and Chase's wedding.

Ianto Jones: Diary Note 25 March, 2010

Arrived in New Jersey Monday. Jack could have picked a better spot to jump to than a muddy field in the middle of nowhere, but it meant no one saw us come in. Hard explaining away the popping out of thin air thing. Any day we don't have to retcon someone though is a good day.

Staying at Dr. House's apartment while we're here. 221b. Think Dr. House rented it just for the address, but it is pretty nice. Dr. House is currently staying with Dr. Wilson- something about Dr. House just getting out of a mental hospital; don't have the whole story about that yet. Jack seems to think the move is more permanent than anyone else does. If Dr. House took his piano with him, Jack reasons, then he's planning on staying for the long run. Apartment does look a bit bare but at least he left us the TV.

Been feeling like a third wheel. Jack knows everybody; no surprise there. Probably slept with a few of them too. I'm sure he's slept with Dr. Wilson going by the kiss Jack gave him when we got here, though he's been keeping his distance since then-- which is odd for Jack. Not sure what's up with that. Jack's usually so touchy-feely that it tends to jump out when he keeps his hands to himself around someone like Dr. Wilson. Doubt it has anything to do with Dr. House's laying down the law with his "You can kiss him only if I get to join in the fun" comment when Jack kissed Dr. Wilson. I'm guessing Jack's slept with both of them at some point; or, knowing Jack, both of them at the same time.

The Doctor is supposed to show up tomorrow. General opinion on that is they'll believe it when they see it. Martha says, as long as he shows up for the wedding ceremony on Saturday, she'll be happy. If he doesn't show up, there may be trouble. Lots of trouble.

Not sure how I feel about seeing the Doctor, and not just because of whatever it is that's going on between him and Jack. Keep thinking about the last time I saw him-- right before everything went to hell at Torchwood One-- and about Lisa. Still hurts remembering. But don't want to spoil the party mood-- I'll deal with it all later when we get back to Cardiff, just like I always do.

Sounds like Jack started opening some of the things we picked up when we went shopping earlier. Should go and make sure he kept all the packages straight-- don't want to give Martha and Dr. Chase the wrong ones as wedding gifts. Would be amusing though.

Late Night Musings

Jack is surprised to find himself alone when he wakes. Scrubbing his face, he sits up and glances around. Some of the furniture in the room is familiar, but there are a few gaps here and there. House had taken them with him when he had moved into Wilson's apartment, but it was still a warm, comfortable room even with the items missing. Certainly much better than staying in a hotel while he and Ianto were here.

Jack looks at the open door leading into the hallway and considers whether he should go looking for Ianto. He shakes his head then flips the sheets back and heads out.

In the living room, he finds Ianto sitting on the couch staring at the blank face of the TV. Open on his lap is a diary but it looks as if Ianto has forgotten it was there. He's holding a pen with the tip pressed on to a page, but the pen's stopped moving.

Jack clears his throat and Ianto starts in surprise. He shuts the diary and sticks it between his leg and the arm of the couch. He's blushing slightly.

"You okay?" Jack asks as he walks over to the couch.

"Yep." Fiddling with the pen, he adds with a shrug, "Just wanted to jot down a few things."

Sitting down next to Ianto, Jack leaves a little space between them. He watches Ianto for a minute. Ianto doesn't look up and stays focused on the pen that he's now fiddling with.

"Something's bothering you," Jack says, making it more of a statment than a question.

He almost expects Ianto not to answer and is a little surprised when Ianto admits, "Thinking about the Doctor." Ianto chews on his bottom lip for a moment, then seems to curl in on himself without moving as he says softly, "And about Lisa."

That name brings Jack a sharp stab of pain-- mostly for Ianto. There hadn't been any way to save Ianto's girlfriend after what had happened to her during the battle of Canary Wharf, but Ianto had tried. But in the end, Ianto had been forced to watch his teammates kill what was left of the woman he loved. And seeing the Doctor was just going to remind Ianto of all that and more. Jack shifts a little closer and rests a hand on Ianto's leg.

"The Doctor--"

Ianto cut him off. "The Doctor just happened to be there, I know."

But he might have saved Lisa if he had known, Jack thinks regretfully, but you didn't know that until after you met me. And by then it was too late. He sighs, then asks, "You going to be okay tomorrow?"

"I'll be fine." The answer is a little too quick and Jack squeezes Ianto's leg.

"Want to talk about it?"

"No." Ianto sighs. "Well, maybe. I don't know." He gives Jack a bleak look. "Hurts, you know."

"Yeah, I do."

Letting his head fall back, Ianto closes his eyes and lets out a breath in a huff. "Thought I'd buried all that," he says with a touch of irritation.

"That'll just make it worse." He gives Ianto a thoughtful look, then asks carefully, "Did you ever tell your sister?"

Ianto's head snaps up and he looks at Jack as if he's insane. "God no! Why would I--"

Realizing Ianto took his comment in the wrong way, Jack holds up a hand and says, "No. I don't mean about the battle at Canary Wharf."

"Then what?"

Jack shrugs a little helplessly. "I meant, did you ever tell her you were in love?"

"Oh." Ianto blushes again and looks away. "No. I never did." A small smile quirks his lips. "Think she figured it out before I did though."

Jack chuckles. "Yeah, she looks like the type who would."

"You went over to my sister's?" Ianto wasn't sure why that idea upset him as much as it did.

"I wouldn't do that," Jack protests. Ianto frowns and Jack cups the side of his face and leans forward to rest his forehead against Ianto's. "I wouldn't do that to you, Ianto," Jack says earnestly then kisses him gently on the lips. Ianto's not entirely sure he believes that, but he is sure Jack means it right now.

When they break apart, Ianto asks, "Then how do you know what my sister looks like?"

"From your file, and I saw you with the whole family doing some shopping a few months back. Looked like school shopping or something."

"Oh." Ianto turns to look close at Jack. "Why does it matter, me telling Rhiannon about being in love? To you, I mean."

"I never had anyone I could tell stuff like that too."

Ianto remembers a conversation between Jack and Colonel Fury-- Jack telling Fury he needed to stop blaming himself for what had happened to his brother Jake; and Fury snapping back that Jack needed to do the same regarding someone named Gray. Ianto has been wanting to ask Jack about Gray and he wonders if now would be a good time.


"Yeah?" Jack's looking at him with a small smile on his face, and Ianto finds that he can't ask the question. Some instinct tells him that the question will hurt more than anything else, and there's no reason for them both to be haunted by the past at Martha's wedding.

"Nothing. Never mind."

Ianto realizes saying it that way might make Jack see it as a challenger, but all he says is, "Going to be up much longer?" He grins. "I could make us some coffee."

"Oh, God no. If there's coffee to be made, I'll make it."

A look of mock indignation appears on Jack's face. "Hey, I'm not that bad!" Jack then laughs and pats Ianto on the leg as he stands up. "Coming?"

Ianto smiles. "Soon." Jack nods and heads back to the bedroom. Once Jack is out of sight, Ianto pulls out the diary, skims over what he's written, then decides he's gotten enough down.

But before he puts the diary away, he makes a note to see Rhiannon when he gets back. He has a few things he needs to tell her.
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