Okay, this is the last fandom I am adding to this series! I should have been in bed over three hours ago- unfortunately this plot bunny wouldn't let go. Unedited, no beta, and as much as I though I would not be feeding this bunny any more, it's already too late. There will be more.

No one knew where the man had come from. The fight had been in full swing and the sheriff's men had almost gained the advantage, when a voice had suddenly shouted, "Look out!"

"Poor bastard didn't stand a chance," Will said as he stared down at the man who had saved his life. The man was on his back, an arrow sticking out of his shoulder as he stared sightless at the clear blue sky . Marion rose to her feet, a sad look on her face as she shook her head and stepped away from the still body. Robin wrapped an arm around her shoulders and kissed her gently on the forehead.

"There was nothing you could have done to save him," he said to her softly. Behind them, Robin heard Nasir sigh and sheath his swords. He then stepped forward and knelt down, reaching out to yank the arrow out. Tossing it aside, he rested a hand on the man's bloody shoulder.

Robin frowned. A little uncertain about what Nasir was doing, Robin knelt down and asked, "Did you know him?" Nasir glanced at him through hooded eyes then nodded and looked up.

"That will not be necessary," he said softly. Surprised that Nasir had spoken, Robin looked back and found Tuck standing behind him. Robin raised an eyebrow. Tuck shrugged, one hand wrapped around his crucifix and a mixture of curiosity and determination on his face. Turning back to Nasir, Robin said, "There is no harm in Tuck giving him–"

Before he could say anything more, the dead man gasped for air and grabbed Nasir's arm. Robin and the others jumped back while Nasir calmly remained where he was and held the man down.

The man stared around him– wild-eyed and panting– then he blinked and went still when he focused on Nasir. A look of amusement seemed to twitch at Nasir's features as the man rolled his eyes and dropped his head back against the ground.

"Well, damn it all," the man said. "You know what? The universe is going to owe me big time for this one when I get back. Damn bloody rift– I am not going to wait around through another thousand years just to get home, you know. Every time I think things are going my way..."

The man ranted on for a bit, staring straight up at the sky as he shifted back and forth between English, and Arabic; and even though there were several words and phrases in the English the man spoke that Robin didn't quite understand, he had no trouble picking up on their meaning. Eventually the man shut his mouth and closed his eyes. Robin could hear the man's teeth grinding together.

Silence reigned for a few heartbeats, then Nasir asked, "Done?"

The man gave a snort of annoyance before answering, "Yep." Nasir nodded and stood up, pulling the man up with him.

"Sorry about that. I'm Captain Jack Harkness." the man said as he straightened and brushed the dust off his long dark blue coat. "And you are..."

Before Robin could answer, Nasir said, with a touch of warning, "He is Robin, the hooded man."

"The hooded...Wait, like, Robin Hood? THE Robin Hood?" A look of astonishment crossed Jack's face, then he grinned in delight.

"You're Robin Hood? Then that must mean you are Maid Marion." The man bowed down and caught Marion's hand, kissing the back of it. "A pleasure to meet you. mi'lady." Straightening, he looked at the rest of the group. "And let me guess, you're Little John and you would be Friar Tuck and..." He frowned. "Wait a minute." He turned to look at Nasir, then he shook his head, an odd smile crossing his face.

"Ah, right, history is written by the victors," he murmured. Nasir gave him an exasperated look and Jack chuckled in response. There was a sudden chirp. Jack lifted his arm and peeled back a piece of leather from the strap around his wrist, then slapped it back in place.

He smiled. "Well, it was great meeting you all, but it looks like it's time for me to go!" He tapped two fingers against his forehead and snapped his hand down, then spun on his heels. Turning to Nasir, he said in a softer voice, "And it was good to see you again, sadiqi" and then, much to everyone's shock and amazement, kissed Nasir firmly on the lips just before disappearing from view.

They stared at Nasir. Nasir stared straight back at them, his lips pressed in a tight thin line, his gaze hard as a diamond. The tension in the small clearing became as tight as a bowstring and everyone but Nasir jumped when Will suddenly shouted, "Who the hell was that?"

Will took a quick step back when Nasir nailed him with his sharp eyed gaze. Gritting his teeth, Nasir drew a deep breath in through his nose, then suddenly marched towards the wood. "You would not believe me if I told you," he growled as he passed Will.

They watched him disappear into the shadows, then they all turned to look at Robin. Robin shook his head and followed Nasir into the forest. "I have no idea what just happened and I'm not about to ask him about it either," he said. "I happen to like my head where it is on my shoulders."

He had to smile when he heard Will mutter darkly, "You know, if I wasn't crazy before joining in on this mad crusade of yours, Robin, then I certainly am now."

You and I both, Will; Robin thought ruefully, you and I both.
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