Finally got to see Sherlock Holmes- loved it! It strayed a bit from canon in places but was still a blast. And the plot bunnies quickly piled up-- it's going to take a while to calm them down enough to make any sense out of them XD!

This plot bunny was actually bouncing around already after writing a line about Jack hanging out at Sherlock's in the story "New Steps to an Old Dance" (still working on the House timeline in this ficverse so haven't gotten far on those stories yet), but the ads for the movie really got the bunny going. This takes place not too long after Jack finds himself stuck in the past after getting off Satellite Five after the Doctor left him behind. It will switch to Watson's POV when I actually work on it.

"Can you afford the rate?"


"The room is your's then," Holmes said then he flicked the newspaper straight and returned to his reading, dismissing us from his awareness. However, after a few seconds, he looked over the top at his room mate.

"You have an objection, Watson?" he asked.

"Yes I have an objection. We know nothing about him."

Holmes looked down to the newspaper again. "What is there to know? He has only recently arrived back in London, he is not an American despite his accent, he has not gotten used to using our financial system, and he is not of our time."

Watson frowned at that last comment. I was impressed as hell. "What do you mean, not of this time?" Watson inquired.

"He was not born in this century." Holmes nodded at me. "The device on his wrist is a technology that has yet to be developed."

I winced as Watson slumped back in his chair and shook his head. "I would not have thought you were a practical joker, Holmes."

"I am not," Holmes stated firmly. "I have never met this man before today."

Watson gave me a narrowed eyed look. All I could do was shrug my shoulders. "This is the first time I've seen him." I gave Watson my best smile. "Everything I know about Sherlock Holmes I got from your series about his cases, Dr. Watson."

I knew I'd screwed up when a shocked look crossed Watson's face. He swung around to look at Holmes.

Holmes was smiling though he did not look at either one of us. "He has yet to publish any of those stories, Mr. Harkness." Holmes pointed out.

Right, first rule of a Time Agent,check the date. Oops. "Ah, sorry about that."

Watson looked at me then at Holmes before grimacing and running a hand over his face. Before he could say anything, Holmes asked nonchalantly, "Is there anything else we should know? Beside the fact that you fine both of us attractive?"

"What?" Watson exclaimed, his voice choking on the word.

"The social norms have clearly changed considerably in the time that he is from." He pointed over his shoulder without letting go of the newspaper. "He was also casting an appreciative eye over Mrs. Hudson."

A pained look crossed over Watson's face as he stared at Holmes. Holmes looked around the newspaper and stared back at Watson for a few seconds in silence, shrugged, then returned his attention to the article he was reading.

Watson drew in a deep breath through his nose and slowly let it out. He turned to me, and though he was clearly not happy about the idea, said, "Fine. If you would like the room, you are welcome to it. You can move in as soon as it is convenient for you. The rent is due on the first of the month."

"As a token of my gratitude, here is the first two months rent in advance."

"It appears that you do know how to use our financial system, Mr. Harkness."

"Not really. I just got paid."

There was a rustle of paper as Holmes suddenly stood up and headed over to a table covered with scientific equipment. As he took a scissor to the newspaper, he asked, "Are you not planning on staying in London longer than two months?"

"I haven't decided yet. I should be making by way to Cardiff, but..." I took a deep breath. I wasn't quite sure why I had decided to stay in London in the first place. I also realized Holmes had just caught me out.


"We are looking for a renter who will be staying for at least six months. If you cannot commit to that amount of time, perhaps we should look for someone else."

Eventually, there will be more!


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