Not sure yet if this is just background info for Found...Reset, or a one shot yet.

A sudden move by Ianto brought Jack out of his drowsy state. “Something wrong?” he murmured into Ianto's shoulder. He was comfortable curled up against Ianto's back and hoped Ianto's answer didn't involve having to move.

“I thought I heard something,” Ianto whispered.

“Ya heard something, huh?” a voice said from the door to Ianto's room. “Damn. Must be loosing my touch.”

Jack groaned as he held Ianto in place when he tried to make a grab for the gun he had hidden beside the bed. “Don't bother.” He then looked at their visitor.

“Didn't happen to bring a search warrant, did you Nick?”

“Nope. I can get one though if you want me to make this break in legal. I'm sure I can find someone who'd be happy to hand one over just to get me out of their house, since it's 4 in the morning.” Nick pushed away from the door. “Got a few questions for you, Jack,” he said as he walked away.

Jack rolled on to his back and rubbed his eyes. He felt the bed move and knew Ianto was staring down at him. “Friend of yours?” Ianto snapped.

“Not at the moment.” Jack threw back the blanket and, not bothering to grab any clothes, headed out of the room.

He found Nick sitting at the kitchen table, long legs stretched out in front of him and looking far too comfortable for Jack's state of mind. Yanking out a chair opposite Nick, Jack sat and braced his arms on the table. “This better be important.”

“Not sure yet. What have you got on Saxon?”

Jack leaned back and raised an eyebrow. “Harold Saxon?” When Nick nodded, Jack shook his head. “I don't know. Less than you can get your hands on.”

“Can't have less than nothing.”


“Val's gone through the files. We don't have shit on Saxon.”

“Whoa.” Jack turned to watch Ianto step into the kitchen. Ianto gave him a dark look and Jack was surprised that Ianto didn't throw some clothes at him. “That must have pissed her off,” he said as he turned back to their visitor.

Nick rolled his good eye. “She was pissed yesterday. Today, I'd put her more at the flamethrower stage.”

Jack couldn't help but smile at that. “And that's why you're here instead of there?”

“Hell, yes. I'm tempted to put a level two warning out on the London office until she calms down. God help any agent that gets in her way while she figures out what happened there.”

“Why are you looking into Saxon?”

“He paid Obidiah Stane a visit after the Stark Board of Directors meeting. Made us pull his file, only to find out we didn't have one.”

“Right. I'll see what I can dig up. Anything else?”

“That lockdown you had earlier this year. What was that all about?”

Jack managed to keep his gaze on Nick, but knew the question had hit Ianto hard; he heard the Welshman suck in a breath then swear softly as something hit the counter. Nick's gaze didn't shift to see what Ianto was doing, but Jack knew he had taken note of Ianto's reaction as well.

“Why do you want to know?”

Nick gave him a look. “You have to ask that after Torchwood One almost dragged the world into hell after their lockdown last year?” There was a metallic shwick as Ianto jammed the coffee filter in place a little harder than necessary. “I tend to keep an eye on things like that, Jack.”

Rubbing his face, Jack muttered, “I knew I shouldn't have asked you to help me rebuild the Hub's computers.”

“You can cry over the spilled milk later. Well?”

“We found a Cyber conversion unit in our basement. It's been dealt with.”

“A Cyber conversion unit? What, from Torchwood One?” Nick frowned thoughtfully then glanced at Ianto. “Your doing?” he asked then turned back before Ianto could answer. “So you're telling me he snuck a conversion unit into your basement when he joined up and you didn't notice?Okay, either this kid's really good, or you got it bad, Jack. Or is it a little of both?”

Jack pointed a finger at Nick. “If this conversation is going to move on to my choice in men, Nick, I'm going to test the limits of that infinity formula of yours with Ianto's gun.” Ianto sucked in a breath and glared at him over his shoulder.

Nick gave a snort of amusement at Ianto's expression. “Wouldn't have done you any good anyway, kid.” he said. “Take it you two had a bad day at the office?”

“Yeah, you breaking in doesn't have anything to do with Ianto carrying a gun right now.” Nick crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. Jack waved a hand and slumped back in his chair.

“We just finished up a case only Suzie had the answers for,” he said.

Nick thought about that for a few seconds. “She's the one who blew her brains out a few months back, right?”

“That's not how I put it on her file when I retired it.”

“I know the codewords, Jack. Ain't like I haven't had to write those kind of summaries myself.”

Guessing at what Nick was referring to, Jack asked softly, “I take it this case is stirring up a few old memories?”

“A few?” Nick scowled. “More like a hell of a lot of them, and all of them bad. What happened?”

It was Jack's turn to scowl. ”We had to wake her up. It didn't work out all that well.”

“Yeah, stuff like that never does,” Nick responded tiredly. He stood. “If you find anything on Saxon, give Val a call for a pick up.”

“I can just drop it off myself, Nick.”

“No, I don't want to raise any suspicions and you wandering around outside of Cardiff tends to make a few people high up nervous, Jack.”

That statement caught Jack by surprise. “Okay.”

Nick looked over at Ianto. “I'll show myself out, thanks.” As he headed out he said over his shoulder, “See you later, Jack.”

“Bye, Nick.”

Ianto waited until the door closed before asking, “Infinity formula?”

Jack shrugged. “Yep. That's how he keeps his youthful glow going.”

“Ah.” Staring into space, Ianto muttered absently, “Don't remember seeing that in his file.” Realizing he'd said that out loud, Ianto shook his head and turned back to the coffee machine. “Torchwood One had a few files on him,” he explained.

“A few?” Jack laughed. “I'm sure it was more like a file cabinet full of them. Hell, his file was probably as big as mine.”

“Almost,” Ianto said softly.

Jack sighed. He knew that Ianto had read his file before coming to Torchwood Three; but what Ianto had done with that knowledge was going to be a hard wall for Jack to break through.

Standing up and walking over to where Ianto stood, Jack wrapped his arms around the man and rested his head on his shoulder. Ianto was tense, and only grew tenser at his touch.

“Why did you tell him that?” Ianto asked harshly.

“He would have found out on his own. Asking instead of hacking into the Hub's systems was Nick's way of being polite.”

When Ianto tilted his head to give Jack a curious look, Jack explained, “I know he monitors the systems. I could block him out but this way, if things go to hell, there's someone on the outside who'd be able to figure out what happened.”

“Like if you weren't able to stop Lisa.”

“Yeah.” He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. “She was already gone, Ianto.”

“And that's supposed to make me feel better?” Ianto snarled as he twisted in his arms.

“No.” He waited and, after a few heartbeats, Ianto sighed and turned away. When he began to relax into the embrace. Jack pressed a kiss against Ianto's neck. “You up for awhile?” When Ianto nodded, Jack asked “Do you want company, or should I leave you alone for a bit?”

He got a skeptical look. “You leave me alone?”

“I do have some self control.” Jack shrugged. “Well, at least for a few minutes anyway.”

Ianto breathed out a laugh. They leaned against each other then Ianto admitted softly, “I could use some alone time, Jack.”

Jack nodded and let go. “Right, he said. “I'll be in the shower.”

“Shower?” He thought about that a moment. “I'll be up in a few minutes then.”

Jack smiled.


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