*wonders why I do this to myself* :)

Timeline is still in flux while I pin down a few events.

Story Titles are in bold
Start of Story series-
First Day
First Steps
Second Look(All post "The Doctor Dances" fics)
On The Same Page (Post "Boom Town")

December 24-- The Rift is created. Captain Jack Harkness returns to Earth after the battle on Satellite 5 and meets Jackson Lake in London. The Adventure Begins

December 31-- The Torchwood Charter is published.

Queen Victoria orders the building of the Hub in Cardiff.
1881- Jack shares rooms with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson before heading for America.

Jack is shot in a fight on Ellis Island.
Returns to London to see if Holmes can help him figure out why he seems to keep blacking out during a crisis. The Case of the Former Lodger
Torchwood recruits Jack Harkness as a freelancer.
Torchwood team-- Emily Holroyd (leader), Alice Guppy, Charles Gaskill, Jack Harkness (freelance.)

The Twentieth Century


Tunnels linking the Glasgow, Cardiff, and a house in Brentford in southwest London are completed.
An earthquake collapses the tunnel leading to Torchwood 3 and destroys much of the Hub.
Jack is serving in Lahore. Gerald Kneale becomes leader of Torchwood 3.

Howard Stark is born.
July 6
Jack Fury shoots down the Red Baron’s triplane while flying with the RAF.
November 10-- Nick Fury is born.
November 11-- End of WWI

October 21-- Jacob Fury (brother of Nick Fury) is born.

October-- Jack meets Estelle Pwyll.
Novemeber-- Estelle leaves for the countryside to help with the war. Jack heads for America to avoid meeting himself.

Gereint ‘Ger’ Daffyd Pwyll, son of Jack Harkness and Estelle Pwyll, is born.
Stark Industries goes into operation.
September 7-- Start of the London Blitz.
Nick Fury, along with his friend Red Hargrove, shows a group of British Commandos a few aerial and parachuting tricks and is enlisted for a secret mission by Lieutenant Samuel “Happy Sam” Sawyer. Nick and Red later join the US Army and undergo basic training.
January 20-- The “Kiss The Boys Goodbye Dance” is held in Cardiff.
January 21-- The real Captain Jack Harkness goes missing after his squadron engages the enemy during a training mission out of Cardiff.
April 12-- Former Time Agent, Jack Harkness, meets the Doctor and Rose.
The bunkers on Flatholm Island are built.
December 7-- Nick is stationed at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
December 21-- Howard Stark promises to supply bombers for the war effort.
Nick is given command of the First Attack Squad (a unit of US Army Rangers given the honorary title “Commandos” by Winston Churchill.) The First Attack Squad (nicknamed “The Howling Commandos) use the bunkers at Flatholm Island to practice water maneuvers. Nick falls in love with Lady Pamela Hawley, but she dies in a bombing raid on London later in the year before Nick can propose to her.
Spring-- Howard Stark becomes involved in the Manhattan Project.
Summer-- Jack is sent to investigate the Super Soldier program for Torchwood when they suspect that alien technology is being used and might be useful to the British war efforts.
Nick Fury is captured by Colonel Klaue. Jacob Fury, with the Howling Commandos, rescues Nick. Jacob enlists after helping Nick recover.
The Howling Commandos are sent into Germany to retrieve Captain America, but things got wrong around Gruenstadt. Extraction
Late ‘44, Nick is severely injured by a land mine in France and is found and healed by Berthold Sternberg who uses him as a test subject for his Infinity Formula-- a formula he was testing for Ra's al Ghul.

Nick receives a battlefield promotion to Colonel during the Korean War while working for the CIA.

Gwynneth Alicia Pwyll, daughter of Gereint ‘Ger’ Daffydd Pwyll and Leticia ‘Lettie’ Jarvis, is born. (granddaughter of Jack and Estelle)

Fury breaks up an industrial espionage ring at Stark Industries that includes his brother Jake.
Jacob Fury tries to kill his brother Nick
SHIELD is created by the US government based on the recommendations of Howard Stark based on an idea by Colonel Nicholas Fury of the CIA.
Mikel Fury (Nick Fury’s son) is born
Tony Stark is born
September 18--Toshiko Sato is born
Jacob Fury commits suicide.
August 16--Gwen Cooper is born

February 14-- Owen Harper is born
August 19-- Ianto Jones is born
September 14-- Martha Jones is born
Gwynneth and Taddeo Bakura get married.
House and Wilson meet at a medical conference (Wilson gets divorce from wife #1)
Nick Fury meets Mikel for the first time.

Ryou Bakura, son of Gwynneth and Taddeo Bakura (great grandson of Jack Harkness and Estelle Pwyll) is born.
Jack Harkness begins working full time for Torchwood in the late 1990’s
May-- Tony graduates from MIT
January 7-- Liberation of Kuwait begins (Rhodey)
April- Stark Industries wins the Advanced Tactical Fighter contract with the YF-22 prototype.
June- Mikel disappears from SHIELD.
December 15-- Howard and Maria Stark die in a car crash
December 16-- SHIELD begins investigating the crash.
December 20-- SHIELD begins to collapse from within
September -- SHIELD is officially shut down. One week later, Jack visits Nick in Nova Scotia to see how he is doing. Autumn Wind
March- March- Mikel is appointed the 2nd president of the newly formed Republic of Carpasia after helping to end a bloody civil war. Is considered a hero of Carpasia
January-- The UN recreates SHIELD as an international organization under a UN charter-
“Resolved, this body grants charter to the international law enforcement agency, the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistic Directorate. This charter supersedes the charter of the Strategic Hazard Intervention, Enforcement and Law-Enforcement Division. SHIELD, its agents and Paraphernalia are under the complete authority of Colonel Nicholas Fury. So long as Nicholas Fury serves as Director of SHIELD, the Director shall answer only to the U.N. Security Council. SHIELD will operate under U.N. funding with top intelligence network priority for all nations, and without the interference of the Security Council. In return, Colonel Fury is entirely accountable to this body for all actions of the law enforcement body known as SHIELD.
February-- Mikel Fury down as President after replacing his own government when he discovers his Ministers of State, of Defense, and of Trade were running a black market business. Moves to the United States and rejoins SHIELD. Destruction of SHIELD HQ in New York City during the graduation ceremony of the first SHIELD graduates.
April-- Mikel is shot and critically injured by Frank Castle (the Punisher.) According to the press, Castle was hired to assassinate Mikel by a member of the government Mikel brought down. Later in the month, Nick Fury appears to be killed by Frank Castle but is actually caught in a pocket universe.
June- Frank Castle is sentenced to death and executed but it is a set up and Castle escapes. When it is discovered that Castle has escaped, Mikel uses SHIELD to hunt him down, but is stopped before he can kill Castle. Mikel is kicked out of SHIELD but works as a translator for the UN.
September-- Agent Carter discovers what really happened to Nick Fury and brings him back.

Wilson marries Bonnie.
Amané Estelle Bakura, daughter of Gwynneth and Taddeo Bakura (great granddaughter of Jack Harkness and Estelle Pwyll) is born.
Early ‘95 Tony becomes CEO of Stark Industries.
Martin Marietta and Lockheed Martin merge to become the second largest aerospace, defense and technology company in the world. (Stark Industries remains the largest.)
Jack meets Tony at a business function.History Lesson
Alex Hopkins becomes leader of Torchwood 3 (calls Jack back to Cardiff.) Torchwood team in the late ‘90’s also includes Dr. James Lawson and Craig.
Sharon Carter becomes Acting Director of SHIELD
January-- Gwynneth and Amané are killed.
Late summer-- Jack takes Bakura to his father in Egypt.
December 26-- The Rift opens up and through it falls a man and a medallion from the past that will the course of Torchwood 3 forever. Start of A Price to Pay
December 31-- Alex Hopkins kills all members of his team with the exception of Jack, then kills himself.

Twenty-first Century
January 1, 2000-- Jack becomes the head of Torchwood 3. Nick takes a leave of absence and helps Jack rebuild Torchwood. He hands over the SHIELD base at Flatholm Island for Torchwood to use. A Price to Pay Mikel joins Torchwood to help Jack rebuild.
House's infarction.
June 15-- Jack starts redeveloping Flatholm Island.
Cuddy becomes head of PPTH
Wilson and Bonnie (wife #2) get a divorce.
Stacy leaves House.
Ianto’s father dies.
Wilson marries Julie.
Wilson and Julie get a divorce.
July-- Jack rescues Toshiko from a UNIT prison and brings her to work at Torchwood 3
Owen’s fiancé Katie becomes ill when her brain is infected by aliens. Jack is unable to save her. Owen is convinced that she did not die of natural causes, but is put on suspension when he refuses the official story.
Ianto begins working at Torchwood 1.
December 24-- House overdoses and Wilson finds him, then leaves.
February -- Jack recruits Owen to work at Torchwood 3
September-- The Rift is ripped open by the extrapolator that Jack installs into the TARDIS. House returns to work.
Christmas-- Aliens over London.
Harold Saxon appears on the political scene
January-- The Archangel Network begins operations.
March-- Harold Saxon becomes the new defense minister.
June-- Battle of Canary Wharf. Later in the month Ianto joins Torchwood 3
September-- Gwen joins Torchwood 3. Lisa (Ianto’s girlfriend) is discovered and killed.
November-- Ianto confronts Jack about Lisa. Starting Over Harold Saxon meets with Obadiah Stane.
December 24-- The Doctor meets Donna for the first time.
January-- Tony Stark is kidnapped.
March-- Amber dies and Wilson takes three months off.
April-- Rhodey finds Tony. Found...But Still Searching
May 2-- Press conference
May 4-- Tony switches the old Arc Reactor out.
Found...But Still Searching: Reset
May 9-- Stark Industries Board Meeting. Obadiah Stane meets with Harold Saxon
May 24-- First test flight of suit
May 28-- Party in Dubia
May 29-- Attack on Gulmira and encounter with F-22
June 1-- Obadiah meets with the Ten Rings. Begins work on the Iron Monger suit.
June 25-- Battle at Stark Industries
Found...But Still Searching: Downtime
On The Outside Looking In
July-- Funeral for Obadiah Stane
PPTH on the moon A Touch of Smith and Jones
Fury initiates Operation SunStorm
The Rift is opened and Abbadon appears. Jack dies.
COMET convention. Jack meets House and Wilson.Doctors Dancing
Test flight for Rhodey’s suit
Death of the President on the Valiant and start of year that never was

Year that never was timeline-
July-- House and Wilson help Ianto shut down Torchwood 3. Martha in Cardiff. Fury picks up Owen Tosh and Gwen. Fury arrives with backup from UNIT’s Zen division to help remove or destroy the alien devices before moving operations to Flatholm Island. House and Tosh rewrite the computer codes controlling the Rift Manipulator. Torchwood 3 is abandoned Castling
Late August-- Nick visits the Valiant to get some information. Night Visitor
June-- Martha returns to PPTH
July--Jack escapes but cannot destroy the Paradox Machine Paradox II

July-- Jack stays at Nick’s apartment in Manhattan for a month before returning to Cardiff
August-- Wilson moves into House’s apartment. Martha’s parents decide to move to New York to be closer to their grandson. Martha decides to return to PPTH to finish her training. Ianto convinced Jack to help Martha move.
September-- Jack stays with House and Wilson while Martha gets settled in.New Steps To An Old Dance
Reset Button
The Long And Winding Road
Martha and Chase are getting married, the Doctor wonders if it's time for him to settle down, and a ghost from Jack's past crashes the wedding.(Events from "Exit Wounds") Mikel Fury fills in at Torchwood 3 while Jack and Ianto are in New Jersey.

Remembering the Fallen
Epilogue to "The Long And Winding Road".

The One Who Lives
Jack is haunted by the memory of the family he's lost.

Late 2010
Children of the Shadows
An ancient game has come to Cardiff and Jack's great grandson is trapped in the middle of it.

Dr. Eric Foreman, PC Andy and Agent Sharon Carter join Torchwood 3. Tony Stark becomes Acting Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Memories of My Father
(One month after "Children of the Shadows".)
Jack is having trouble dealing with what Gray did to him. A device is discovered by NCIS that changes the course of Jack's life.

Agent Sharon Carter becomes head of Torchwood 3.

Raising Cane
Gibbs is pregnant, Jack is pregnant, and House is having way too much fun as their obstetrician. Cuddy has a secret even she doesn't know about.

Jamie and Estelle are born.

Jamie's sick and the Doctor and House scramble to figure out what's wrong.

The Celebration of Life
(The end of the year after Jamie's illness)
Jack and the Doctor have a gift for House and Wilson.

Torchwood 3 stumble across a frozen Captain America.

Armistice Day
A few months after he is revived, Nick takes Steve Rogers to France on Armistice Day to say goodbye to an old friend.

Jack has to deal with sneaky mistletoe and Estelle’s first date.

The Many Deaths of Nick Fury

51st Century
Forever Flying
Future fic- Jack is four thousand years old
Jack has rebuilt the Time Agency, and takes his first trip in his own TARDIS. (Jack/Real!Jack)

51st Century/18th Century
The Dreaming Hart
A Satan's Alley/Doctor Who/Nick Fury crossover.
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