Okay, so MotherChowGoddess posted a fragment of her YGO/Torchwood AU, and it got me thinking about mine so I started expanding on the dialog fragment I posted a while back.

Flipping through the deck they had confiscated from the kid who had summoned the monster, Jack found himself pulling one card out. Exchange of Spirit. Jack frowned and felt an itch of recognition. There was something familiar about this whole situation but the reasons why stayed annoyingly out of reach.

Should have paid more attention in history class. He flipped the card over and stared at the swirling orange and sable pattern on the back of the card. A sense of vertigo hit him and he quickly set the card down and took a few deep breaths as the physical memory of falling through the Time Vortex hit. He shuddered and closed his eyes.

The clatter of footsteps on the stairs leading up to his office pulled Jack's attention back to the present. He straightened and raised an eyebrow when Ianto leaned in and said, “Got something.”

Jack pushed away from the desk and followed Ianto down into the work area. The rest of his current team was huddled around Sharon as she pulled a video up onto the screen at Tosh's old station. “What did you find?” he asked the SHIELD agent as he leaned over her shoulder and noted the Kaiba Corp logo stamped in the corner of the video waiting to be played.

Sharon Carter leaned back and waved a hand at the screen. “I hacked into the Kaiba Corp mainframe. There's a hell of a lot of footage for the Battle City duel competition that was not made public.” She looked at him. “Going by what I found, it looks like the power surge that blew out some of the screens broadcasting the final duel originated from monsters that Seto Kaiba and Yugi Motou summoned instead of from the systems broadcasting the duel.”

Jack nodded. “Everything seems to be leading back to this Kaiba Corp.” He looked at Ianto. “Think you need to book us a pair of tickets to Japan, Ianto.”

Gwen rolled her eyes. “You can't go to Japan!”

Jack smiled and turned to her. “Why not?”

Gwen waved a hand. “What if something happens while you're gone?”

“What's the worst that could happen?”

“Oh, I don't know,” Andy muttered behind him, “the apocalypse?”

Jack bit back a laugh as Ianto answered evenly, “Not likely. Besides, that was our fault last time.”

“What was?” Andy asked cautiously.

“The apocalypse.”

Glancing over his shoulder, Jack watched Andy give Ianto a dirty look. “Ah,” he said, “I could have done without knowing that, you know.”

Ianto gave Andy a tight smile. “Welcome to Torchwood,” Ianto said.

Andy shook his head and looked at the ceiling. Jack chuckled and turned back to Sharon. He nodded at the screen. “I take it this is the footage of that duel?”

She shook her head. “No, this is from the first duel of the preliminary round.” She leaned forward and tapped the keyboard. The video flickered, the images impossible to make out as she ran it forward then paused. “There were several odd things going on during the duel, but this little sequence caught my attention.”

The scene she had stopped on was of a blue clad figure standing at one end of a raised platform looking back over his shoulder-- his hair a wild mass of black, blond and red streaks, his forearm covered by a Duel Disk. Floating above him was the head of a red and black double jawed dragon who's clawed arms seemed to encircle protectively around him.

Sharon started the video as the camera panned back to show a cloaked man stepping up to the platform, holding what looked like a golden mace with an Egyptian eye carved into the head. The two figures began to speak, the translation running a few seconds behind across the bottom of the screen. Jack ignored the translation since he was already familiar with the Japanese language and focused on what was being said.

“What is it?” the figure on the platform snapped at the man below him.

“Listen carefully,” the cloaked man responded. “Bakura is now under the control of the Millennuim Rod and he will do only what I command him to do.” The words sucked the breath out of Jack and fear surged to the surface before he could beat it back down.

It's not Ryou, it's just a coincidence, Jack chanted to himself.

“I thought the spirit of the Millennium Ring was in control of Bakura,” the figure on the platform said.

Yugi Motou was the vessel of the nameless Pharaoh... drifted through Jack's head when he noiced the golden upside down pyramid hanging around the kid's neck. Jack frowned and tried to grab the rest of the memory, but lost it when the cloak figure said, “True, but now I am in control of both Bakura and the Spirit, and now I shall prove it by freeing your friend's mind!” and the camera angle changed.

Jack's heart froze. There was a white haired youth standing calmly at the opposite end of the platform who suddenly threw back his head, his body arching in pain as he dropped to his knees and clutched the bandage wrapped around his left arm.


Curling forward, Ryou Bakura gasped, “My arm, it hurts.” As various voices shouted his name, Ryou looked up at the figure standing across from him and said desperately, “Yugi, help me. I don't know where I am. What am I doing here in this duel?” He looked down at the bandages in confusion. “What happened to my arm?”

Jack clenched his hands impotently at his side. “He's in pain," the cloaked figure said, "Without the spirit of the Ring he is weak.”

Spirit of the Ring? What the hell?

“Therefore, you may wish to reconsider your attack. The devastation caused by Slifer the Sky Dragon could make your friend's condition even worse. Would you risk the life of your friend to win this duel?”

What? Jack lost the thread of the conversation that was going on as his mind raced to make sense of what he was hearing, until an arrogant voice snapped, “Yugi, I'll make this decision very easy for you. Finish him off.”

Jack's gaze locked on the screen as Ryou moaned, “Please someone help me. Please...” There was a sudden flash from the golden circular object hanging around Ryou's neck, the tines hanging from the circle jerking out as if something were trying to pull them off. The object flashed again, momentarily blanking out the screen, then Ryou laughed and rose to his feet.

“I'm back, Yugi,” he growled, his lips curling up in a malicious smile.

“It's you!” Yugi shouted.

“That's right. I' back in control of your friend Bakura. I still need him.” Ryou threw his arms out. “So if you plan on using your Egyptian God card, Yugi,” he taunted, “why don't you use it on me right now? Come on!”

Yugi didn't hesitate. “Slifer the Sky Dragon,” he yelled, “attack!” The screen blanked out again, overwhelmed by the visual information on the feed, then the image was back, showing Ryou lying on his back with his eyes close, Sharon froze the video.

“It seems as if there are more than one personality working here,” Jack heard Sharon say as she turned to look up at him. “The objects seem to be the...” Her voice died away.

“Ianto,” Jack said as he stared at the figure on the screen, “get me on a flight to Domino City, Japan. I want to be in the air in an hour.” He turned to head back to his office as he said over his shoulder, “Sharon, I want all the footage of that duel sent to my computer.”

He had only gone a few steps before Gwen grabbed his arm. “Japan! Jack, you can't-”

“Gwen!”Gwen took a startled step back. Jack raised a hand and clenched it. He took a deep breath then snapped at her, “Pull Ryou's SHIELD records, then tell me I can't go.” He spun around and headed for the stairs, staggering when he realized the footage he had just seen had happened over six months ago.

Ah, cariad, he thought, what's happened to you?

Gwen stared at Jack's retreating back then looked at Ianto. “What the hell was that about?”

Ianto shook his head, a puzzled look on his face. “I don't know.”

“Why would this boy have a SHIELD file?” Gwen asked as she stepped back to Sharon's side.

“I have no idea. We can find out though.” With a few quick clicks, Sharon opened a link to SHIELD's database. She frowned when she was unable to open the file she found on Ryou Bakura. The frown grew deeper when a IM window appeared in the middle of the screen that said:

FURY: Any particular reason you want into this file, Carter?

Sharon leaned back, raising her hands away from the keyboard for a second before typing, Ryou Bakura is a subject of a Torchwood investigation. Captain Harkness suggested we pull his file.

There was a pause, then:

FURY: Did he? Stand by.

Gwen could hear the phone in Jack's office ring, then the door slammed shut. She looked at the group surrounding the computer and saw the look of confusion on her face being reflected back at her. A ping from the computer yanked her gaze to the screen.

FURY: Right, short version-- Ryou is Jack's great grandson through Estelle Cole. That's all you need to know.

The IM window and the SHIELD link cut out, leaving the Torchwood logo the only thing on the screen.

“Estelle?” Gwen stared at the screen. “Bloody hell.” She looked at Ianto.

Ianto shook his head. “Okay, you can tell him he can't go; I'm going to go get those tickets.”

As Ianto went over to one of the other computers, Sharon asked, “I take I you know who this Estelle is?”

Gwen nodded as she looked up at Jack office. “Yeah, I know who she is.”

“Wait,” Andy said, “how can his kid be Jack's great grandson?”

“Cause he can't die,” Gwen answered with an apologetic shrug of her shoulders.

Sharon smiled and leaned towards Andy. “Actually, from what I was told, he can die, he just doesn't stay dead.”

Andy shook his head. “Okay, well...” He sighed then headed for his computer station muttering, “Would have been nice if someone had mentioned that before now.”

Gwen smiled then the smile faded as she looked up at Jack's office. Oh Jack, she thought. First Owen and Tosh, then your brother and now this. How much more can you take?
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