Watching Iron Man while I kill time before going out for Thanksgiving dinner, and thought I'd write a few notes to myself for "Found...But Still Searching" (since it looks like I'll be novelizing quite a few scenes from the movie.)

italics-- movie canon
Date on tv during "Mad Money" May 4th, 2008 10:08am. (visits Rhodey later in the day or the next then starts on suit the following morning?)

Board meeting

Second test of the thrusters-- "Day eleven"

Test flight-- waning moon (just starting to wane in suit screen shot) (waning moon on Friday May 23 or or Saturday 24th)

Meeting with Agent Coulson set for the 24th at 7pm during the Charity ball. (Charity Ball Sunday May 25th) (June 24 for the meeting.)

Set party in Dubia for Wednesday night May 28th-- attack on Gulmira the next morning. Rhodey's watch- 1:35?- while talking to Tony during incident. Time difference between LA (GMT -5) and Kabul (GMT +8) -- 13 hours.)

Press conference next morning. "...involving an f-22 raptor occurred yesterday

Obadiah visits the Ten Rings Four days after Gulmira. (June 1st) Starts building his own suit.

Tony recovers from getting hit by the fighter. Gets back to Malibu around June 1st? Begins rebuilding suit.

Asks Pepper to get info from Obie's computer early July 25th.

Coulson-- "We had an appointment. Did you forget about our appointment?

Waning moon (close to half in suit screen shot) June 25th.

Rhodey's truck- 2008? Dodge Ram 1500

Pepper's Car- Audi S5

Cars in Tony's garage-- Audi R8 (Stark 4), Shelby Cobra, Saleen S7, Tesla Roadster, '32 Ford Roaster

Bikes in Tony's garage-- Zero Engineering Samurai Choppers-
One of the bikes appearing in the summer blockbuster is the "Junkyard Phantom" which was originally built for The Discovery Channel's Biker Build-Off. The other bike (appropriately named "Iron Man") is a customized version of our production motorcycle, the Samurai Chopper Type 6. To commemorate, we will be building a limited number of special edition Samurai Choppers. These bikes will feature sheet metal with the Red & Gold colors of Iron Man. We will produce a total of 12 limited edition Red & Gold Samurai Choppers (six each of type 5 and type 6).
Contact us for more details.
- From Zero Engineering's website.

Limo- 2006 Rolls Royce Phantom Black (with custom interior in story-- interior is supposed to be black.)

Cars of Iron Man

Need to fix the car line in "On The Outside...". Rhodey smashes the Audi in a cut scene by ramming into Obadiah's suit. Need to change Audi to the Saleen S7 or the Tesla. Need to fix limo references in Found.

Address for Stark Industries in story- (guesses from blurry address on manifests in the Ghost Drive scene)
947 Industrial Pkwy
Long Beach, CA

Burger King for sidestory- 20950 Figueroa Street, Carson, CA 90745


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